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Choosing a couture wedding dress for a beach wedding

Selecting a wedding dress for a beach wedding or a destination wedding in a hot climate is a delicate balance of elegance and practicality. Many recent Phillipa Lepley brides are opting to marry in hotter climates and exotic locations, opening up the possibilities of what to wear.


Phillipa Lepley bride Lizzy. Photography by Roey Yohai Studios.

The foundation of an exquisite couture wedding dress, and a crucial factor to consider when marrying in a hot climate, is its fabric. For a beach wedding, opt for materials that are light, breathable and ethereal. Silk chiffon, satin organza and georgette are wonderful options, offering the perfect combination of a lightweight yet luxurious, bridal feel. These fabrics drape beautifully, allowing for effortless movement and a sense of ‘airy’ weightlessness as you walk down the aisle. 

Phillipa_Lepley_Couture_Lightweight_Wedding_Dress_For_Beach_Wedding Phillipa_Lepley_Couture_Lightweight_Wedding_Dress_For_Beach_Wedding

Pictured above: Love Me, Love Me Knot & Élégance

The silhouette of the dress will also play a part in keeping you cool on the day. Subtle A-line dresses exude timeless elegance while providing freedom of movement and a relaxed fit. You may want to add in a bustle to the skirt to keep the train off any sand as the day progresses. 

To maintain the distinctive waist-defining silhouette for which Phillipa Lepley’s designs are renowned, brides may choose to wear a specially developed lightweight corset or corselette that feels lighter to wear yet doesn’t compromise on shape.


Phillipa Lepley bride Carole. Photography by Ulrike Photographe.

For the modern bride, a sleek silk bias cut dress can evoke a sense of effortless chic, while an open back gown may be a lovely choice too. Some brides might opt for a Phillipa Lepley couture ‘base dress’ styled with multiple, lightweight Button Back tops or Overlays that can be removed and swapped to change the look.

Phillipa_Lepley_Couture_Lightweight_Wedding_Dress_For_Beach_Wedding Phillipa_Lepley_Couture_Lightweight_Wedding_Dress_For_Beach_Wedding

Pictured above: Constance & Fitzgerald Cascading Leaves

With a relaxed setting such as a tropical outdoor beach wedding, brides may want to inject colour into their bridal look, harmonising with their surroundings – blush tones or subtle pastels compliment the sunlit surroundings beautifully. Or, for those who are drawn to more classical tones, soft ivories photograph beautifully against azure oceans and golden sands. 

If you are a lover of fine detail, opt for light embellishments that do not overwhelm the dress. Lace appliqués, refined beading and subtle embroidery can add a touch of luxury without adding weight to the gown. 


Pictured above: Love Swan

Keeping in mind the climate and setting when choosing your wedding dress is important, helping you feel more comfortable and secure on the day. The beauty of the luxury, bespoke service offered at Phillipa Lepley, is that any couture dress can be adapted to better suit the setting and climate you are to be married in. Petticoats may be lessened, long-sleeves can be adapted into dainty spaghetti straps, and a heavy-weight satin gown can be created from a lighter, more breathable fabric. During your design refinement appointments, your couture consultant will guide you through all possibilities, offering solutions that won’t compromise the integrity, fit and look of the overall design. 

Phillipa Lepley brides also have the opportunity to create a completely bespoke design should they wish, where thoughtful consideration of the setting and your individual style and inspirations are all used to create your dream dress from scratch.


Phillipa Lepley bride Emma. Photography by Yulia Longo Photography.

Phillipa Lepley is recognised globally as a leading British wedding dress and eveningwear designer, renowned for bespoke couture dresses of the utmost luxury. Her wedding dress shop in London, Chelsea, has over 50 dresses, all of which have been made in England from start to finish at her Atelier.