Spirited Wedding Dress Collection | Phillipa Lepley


A bespoke Phillipa Lepley gown is a triumph of British design and craftsmanship, thanks to classic tailoring techniques, sophisticated in-house hand-embroidery and skillful manipulation of the finest fabrics.

In the London Atelier, precise measurements, a series of fittings and the creation of two complete toiles allow each and every stitch to be calculated and refined. The aim: to create a spectacular gown of timeless beauty where fit, balance and proportion are fundamental to each design, crafted meticulously and thoughtfully for each individual’s shape. The Phillipa Lepley team is trained and directed by Phillipa herself to deliver nothing short of excellence.


Exquisite thread-work and appliqué of unparalleled quality require an exceptionally talented team.

In Phillipa Lepley’s London Atelier, nimble fingers sketch, stitch and sew, creating, as if by magic, one-of-a-kind couture embroidery. Each bespoke design can incorporate personal touches to delight clients, from the use of a favourite flower to the hidden inclusion of significant initials or dates. For brides looking for intricate detailing, they will find a specific style, colour and boldness of embroidery to suit them – whatever the preference, swatches and sampling ensure a dream result is achieved.

“My aim is to celebrate every woman we have the pleasure to work with, not only framing their figure in the best way possible but also portraying the essence of their character".



One of the most recognisable characteristics of a Phillipa Lepley dress is the feminine shape and definition that is flawlessly flattering; dresses of varying fullness and fluidity elongate the body beautifully.

The signature silhouette is created by a complex internal architecture of specialist corsetry, moulded around the contours of the body. Luxurious fabrics are crafted and manipulated so that they hang immaculately over the inner construction of the dress, gliding effortlessly with a bride as she moves; the silhouette is cut to the exact millimetre to define the waist and curves in the most precise and refined way.

“The quality and nature of each fabric determines the overall shape of every dress, and its impact; we allow the fabric to do what it naturally wants to do, with ease.”