Signature Custom Made Wedding Dress Corset | Phillipa Lepley


The Phillipa Lepley Signature Corset

Clients from all over the world visit the Phillipa Lepley Shop and Conservatory in London’s Chelsea for the unrivalled corsetry that Phillipa and her team of artisans have been designing and refining for over thirty-five years. Each custom-made corset is created from start to finish at The Atelier (also located in Chelsea), and specially engineered and moulded around the contours of the body to minimise or call attention to selected features.

At the heart of Phillipa Lepley’s dress designs runs her passion for highlighting and enhancing the female form – finding the perfect balance and proportion for each client. The Phillipa Lepley corset is an inimitable part of that design ethos and features unrivalled skill.

‘It has taken years of refinement to get our corsetry as perfect as it is, and we’re still evolving it with little tweaks here and there. Our corset can be placed under very fluid fabrics, and we can adjust the length of the corset, reshaping and remoulding the body how we want it.’ – Phillipa Lepley


While many wedding dresses from other designers have corsets that finish at the waist, a Phillipa Lepley corset finishes below the waist, extending over the lower torso to create a smooth and contoured shape. Strategically placed boning creates the sculptural structure that serves to define the waist, lift the bust and lengthen the silhouette.

‘We use bones all the way up and down the corset, but they are very specifically placed for each client and each style of dress. The bones need to be as thin as possible at the bottom of the corset, so that as a result, they can sit over even the thinnest silk crepe.’ – Phillipa Lepley

Owing to the high skill level of the Phillipa Lepley seamstresses, our corsets can form the base of a multitude of different styles of dress; from a grand and very structured silhouette to something much more light, soft and fluid. Clients are invited to share details of their personal vision, and from this insight, the dedicated specialist will offer advice on styles, silhouettes, cuts and corsetry to suit.


To create a corset, the first step is a detailed measure appointment, where a visual rendition of a client’s measurements, posture and frame are captured. The right amount of bust padding is also identified and used from the start, which is inserted into the corset, meaning that a bra is not required when wearing the finished garment.

With measurements taken, the specialist pattern cutters at The Atelier will then create a paper pattern of the client’s silhouette, which will be handed to an expert seamstress to sew up a calico toile of the corset. Through toile fittings, the corset is refined to the precise millimetre on the body, creating an exact mould of the desired shape.

Once the shape and lines are finalised, the finished corset can be made to the exacting requirements, ready to be placed within its Phillipa Lepley couture gown.

‘I have never had a piece of clothing made to fit me so perfectly. I wish I could cut out the corset and wear it under all my clothes!’

Phillipa Lepley bride Rose


Clients comment frequently on just how comfortable the corsets are, becoming an extension of their body. Sitting and movement tests are completed throughout their fittings to ensure a finished garment that is at one with its wearer.

‘One of the biggest surprises for me was how genuinely comfortable the dress was to wear. The corset felt secure and supportive, but not at all tight or restrictive.’

Phillipa Lepley bride Megan


Phillipa Lepley has become known for the impeccable craftsmanship that goes into creating couture wedding dresses. The signature hidden corset is a key element of a Phillipa Lepley wedding dress showcasing exquisite artisanship at its highest level.

With over thirty-five years of fine-tuning and adjusting; Phillipa and her team of seamstresses have elevated corsetry to an art form.

‘From refining the line around the bust to ensuring the corset sat perfectly, Phillipa’s eye for details is extraordinary.’  

Phillipa Lepley bride Clementine


Phillipa Lepley is recognised globally as a leading British wedding dress and eveningwear designer, renowned for bespoke couture dresses of the utmost luxury. Her wedding dress shop in London, Chelsea, has over 50 dresses, all of which have been made in England from start to finish at her atelier.