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Phillipa Lepley Bride Jessica

Beautiful bride Jessica’s wedding dress is a perfect example of the triumphs of the International couture service we offer at Phillipa Lepley.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding

Based in California, Jessica collaborated with Phillipa’s team of expert design consultants to design her dream couture dress without compromise. Working in detail via video consultations, Jessica was able to browse the full couture collection virtually, before deciding on an exquisite bespoke design for her wedding day. At the optimum time, she was welcomed into the Shop and Conservatory at 46-48 Fulham Road in Chelsea to start the in-person fittings process.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding

‘I had a wonderful experience with everyone on the Phillipa Lepley team. Their dedication to making the best dress possible while also incorporating the elements I wanted was a true pleasure to witness. The craft of the dress is stunning, and I couldn’t have asked for a more worthwhile experience.’

Phillipa Lepley bride Jessica.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding

Jessica and her husband were married in New York, where they had called ‘home’ for many years. It was a crisp, blue autumn day in the city as they began getting ready at the classic Carlyle Hotel in the Upper East Side. Their ceremony took place at the oldest museum in the city, the New York Historical Society. The day continued with a reception of cocktails, dinner and dancing under the museum’s prestigious Picasso tapestry. ‘We wanted to evoke a classic Manhattan evening’ – Phillipa Lepley bride Jessica.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding Highlights-143

Jessica’s bridal design brought together two unique, couture gowns from the Phillipa Lepley collection, both of which celebrate the beauty of Italian duchess satin in a modern way.

The bodice of Jessica’s dress was taken from Phillipa’s ‘Vienna Con Amore’ design. It featured a striking, oversized bow that spread across the neckline meeting in the centre with a soft decadent knot. Draped entirely by hand in the Atelier with incredibly luxurious satin, the bow was cleverly crafted so that it seamlessly blended into the ruched bodice. Hidden beneath the fabric was a signature Phillipa Lepley internal corset that held the shape of the dress, allowing for definition in the silhouette.


During her fittings at The Phillipa Lepley Conservatory, the bow was meticulously tweaked to be exactly the correct proportions for Jessica. In the initial stages of the original design, the development of the bow took Phillipa and her team many stages to execute, perfecting the design until just right over time. The result is a playful and modern three-dimensional bow that doesn’t dominate, but rather blends and grows across the bodice effortlessly. 

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding Highlights-044

Modernity continued down Jessica’s gown, with a full, circular satin overskirt layered on top of a slim straight skirt. For the evening, the Atelier team specially designed an intricate bespoke bustling system – three separate bustles were tied to give the skirt dimension, body and structure. The dress took on a new dynamic form when night fell which meant that Jessica could have the enjoyment of wearing her wedding dress all day, with the excitement that comes from changing your bridal look.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding

‘I felt totally myself wearing my dress, knowing that it was one of a kind and made for me. I was able to pick and choose elements from the Phillipa Lepley collection that fit my body, style, season and venue. It was also important to me to look cohesive with my fiancé and that our manner of dress visually complimented each other. I love the stark contrast of the warm duchess satin with the dark wool tuxedo, as well the big bow of my dress with his bowtie! The dress was very comfortable and moulded to my body. I felt very supported by it throughout the whole day/night, and the bustle made it easy to dance while creating a “second look’.

Phillipa Lepley bride Jessica.


Designed with her setting in mind – Jessica’s dress embodies the city chic feeling of a Manhattan wedding – its playful nature at home wandering through Central Park at golden hour and its architectural structure mirroring the sleek skyline. Finished with a plain, two-tier silk tulle veil worn with a sleek bob cut, her look oozed city coolness.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Jessica_Corseted_Strapless_Bow_Wedding_Dress_Bespoke_Overskirt_New_York_City_Wedding

Photographer: Olya Vysotskaya

Phillipa Lepley is recognised globally as a leading British wedding dress and eveningwear designer, renowned for bespoke couture dresses of the utmost luxury. Her wedding dress shop in London, Chelsea, has over 50 dresses, all of which have been made in England from start to finish at her Atelier.