Augustine Crepe Lattice - Phillipa Lepley


Augustine Crepe Lattice

Celebrating eight different embroidery techniques with unrivalled precision and artistry, ‘Augustine Crepe Lattice’ features a hand-embellished tulle collar, adorned with intricate threadwork in a latticed design.

A lattice of delicate threadwork and beaded leaves, reminiscent of a verdant garden in bloom, beautifully weave across a sheer tulle band that rests just off-the-shoulder

From Phillipa‘s treasured satin stitched leaves to sprigs embroidered with pearl seed beads and glass crystals, each detail showcases the craftsmanship and artistry behind the making of the dress in the Phillipa Lepley Atelier

A ‘satin-stitch’ border forms a parallel line along the collar edge framing the intricate embroidery. Frosted white glass navette crystals exude a celestial radiance with every glimmer and gleam. 


Crafted from a luxurious ivory silk crepe, the dress features an elegant off-the-shoulder décolleté neckline. A world-renowned, signature Phillipa Lepley corset is hidden inside the gown, providing structure and support whilst defining the silhouette. 

The crepe skirt is light and fluid, with an absence of petticoats. However, Phillipa Lepley brides can opt to include bespoke volume to suit their preferences. Ivory crepe covered buttons and loops line the centre back while the dress is finished with a long train, adding a touch of bridal allure. 

The contrasting effect between a detailed embellished collar and a clean minimalist, modern silhouette exudes refined grace.


The true marvel of ‘Augustine Crepe Lattice’ lies in its meticulous embroidery – delicate hand-embroidered leaves flow continuously around the shoulders in a botanical wonder. Paired with a timeless and sophisticated silhouette, this dress is the epitome of luxury elegance. 

As seen styled with exquisite jewellery by David Morris at the ‘Radiance’ campaign shoot.

Phillipa Lepley is recognised globally as a leading British wedding dress and eveningwear designer, renowned for bespoke couture dresses of the utmost luxury. Her wedding dress shop in London, Chelsea, has over 50 dresses, all of which have been made in England from start to finish at her Atelier.