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Phillipa Lepley bride Madison

Pimm’s on the lawn, an elderflower and lemon curd cake and even a slight drizzle of rain, Phillipa Lepley bride Madison’s beautiful day was filled with the romances of an English garden wedding, all in the very heart of East Hamptons, New York.


Based in America, Madison flew to London in search of a wedding dress. Her sights were set on Phillipa Lepley who had designed a dress for a family friend 25 years ago. ‘Once I looked into Phillipa’s designs, I fell in love with the elegant and timeless looks which was exactly what I was looking for.’ 

Phillipa Lepley bride Madison.

Phillipa’s team in The Shop on Fulham Road, Chelsea, worked with Madison closely to understand her vision, taking time to ensure her design suited the feeling of her Hamptons venue and day whilst perfectly complimenting her. 

‘From the moment I arrived at the boutique, I was made to feel special and comfortable. They were truly committed to helping me find the perfect wedding dress for my special day.’ 

Phillipa Lepley bride Madison.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top

Madison wore a timeless, Italian duchess satin strapless gown in an iconic Phillipa Lepley silhouette to wed. With a very gentle, soft dip through the neckline, the gown blended seamlessly to her shape which was accentuated by a Phillipa Lepley signature corset within. 

During her initial design consultations, Madison fell in love with Phillipa’s ‘Buttercup’ lace – a fine, french corded lace that features three miniature scallops within each scallop edge. She decided to incorporate it into her wedding dress in three elements, allowing her to change her bridal look throughout the day to suit.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top

For the ceremony she wore a high neck Buttercup lace ‘button back’ top, which was beautifully fitted over the shoulder to create a modern cap sleeve. She paired this with a breathtaking two-tier silk tulle veil with a scalloped border in the same lace, framing her as she walked down the aisle.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top

For the evening, Madison removed her top and opted for a Buttercup lace pearl beaded belt. Intricately made in the Phillipa Lepley Atelier, each pearl, glass bead and crystal is hand-sewn into the shapes of the lace adding a subtle sparkle perfect for evening.

To match Madison’s duchess satin gown, the Atelier team hand-made a pocket square in the same fabric for her husband to wear.

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top

‘My wedding dress experience at Phillipa Lepley was unforgettable. The team’s attention to detail and their ability to create a dress that was both beautiful and uniquely fitted to me was truly remarkable. They are incredibly skilled at their craft, taking great care in measuring me and ensuring that the dress would fit flawlessly. They also made sure to involve me in every step of the design process, so that I was confident that the dress would be exactly what I wanted.

When I finally put on the dress with the veil, it was a magical moment. I could tell that the team had put a lot of love and care into making my dress truly one of a kind.’

Phillipa Lepley bride, Madison on her couture experience. 

Madison’s wedding day look cleverly combined different detachable elements to create a design that fit her exact vision. The beauty of the delicate ‘Buttercup’ lace shone in every element, telling a beautiful story through each variation of her wedding dress – a true celebration of lace. 

Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top Phillipa_Lepley_Bride_Madison_Hamptons_Wedding_Duchess_Satin_Strapless_A_Line_Dress_With_Lace_Cap_Sleeve_Bridal_Top

Photography: Cadence Kennedy

Planning: Jill Gordon Celebrate

Phillipa Lepley is recognised globally as a leading British wedding dress and eveningwear designer, renowned for bespoke couture dresses of the utmost luxury. Her wedding dress shop in London, Chelsea, has over 50 dresses, all of which have been made in England from start to finish at her Atelier.