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Phillipa Lepley x Anya Hindmarch

The perfect marriage of two much-loved, iconic, British luxury brands.

Having worked together on special bespoke commissions for many years for brides and eveningwear clients alike, Phillipa Lepley and Anya Hindmarch are no strangers to the know-how of creating a fully thought through, stand-out ‘look’. The two iconic British design houses have come together to formally offer bespoke, embroidered bags for clients.

Phillipa_Lepley_Anya_Hindmarch_Colloraboration_Bespoke_Embroidered_Maud_Clutches_Eveningwear_And Bridal_Bags

Discerning clients who wish to create a fully harmonious look, perfectly matching their bag with their bridal or eveningwear dress, can opt for the Phillipa Lepley x Anya Hindmarch experience. The partnership allows the opportunity to personalise their clutch with bespoke embroidery, perfect for their wedding day or special occasion and to cherish thereafter. 

The decorative, custom Mauds showcase the incredible work carried out  across both highly skilled ateliers, celebrating the talent of the artisans involved. Alongside selecting bespoke embroidery for the bag’s exterior – be it cascading floral motifs, leaves, or distinctive emblems – clients have the option to mark the bag’s interior with significant dates or initials.

Phillipa_Lepley_Anya_Hindmarch_Colloraboration_Bespoke_Embroidered_Maud_Clutches_Eveningwear_And Bridal_Bags

Both designers are completely passionate and wholeheartedly inspired by timeless style and craftsmanship which lies at the heart of this couture collaboration. Phillipa has become known globally for her incredible detailed embroidery and fine-art techniques honed in the world of couture. 

For Phillipa, seeing the Atelier’s fine work on these Anya Hindmarch pieces is a real joy, her admiration for Anya’s creations and the designer herself spans more than three decades:

“I adore how the bags blend so beautifully with the dress, really talking to it and adding a charming touch. Each one is like a specially crafted companion, and an extension of its beautiful gown.”

Phillipa Lepley

Phillipa_Lepley_Anya_Hindmarch_Colloraboration_Bespoke_Embroidered_Maud_Clutches_Eveningwear_And Bridal_Bags

Of the partnership, Anya Hindmarch says: “Our bespoke service is very close to my heart and one that has always been a part of our business. These are pieces that are made to mark special moments and to be passed down through the generations. Our much-loved Maud has played a part in many special moments over the years and I am very pleased to be able to extend this service together with Phillipa.”  

Anya Hindmarch

Phillipa_Lepley_Anya_Hindmarch_Colloraboration_Bespoke_Embroidered_Maud_Clutches_Eveningwear_And Bridal_Bags Phillipa_Lepley_Anya_Hindmarch_Colloraboration_Bespoke_Embroidered_Maud_Clutches_Eveningwear_And Bridal_Bags